Rascal and Obstacles


In the course of Chris's teachings, he has created several characters that were intended to drive home his points and make his messages more memorable. Whether or not this proved effective may be up for debate, but the endearing characters themselves live on. The creation of these characters has caused the accidental situation in which Chris finds himself a favorite among the younger set. It has also led to wildly popular renditions of these characters, such as the Obstacles bobble head (available here).


Introducing Obstacles:


Chris was giving a speech in Southfield, Michigan one evening during a time in which he had been reading a lot of Greek history. After struggling to familiarize himself with proper pronunciation of Anglicized Greek words, he misread a word he had written largely across a white board: the word was "obstacles." But instead of pronouncing it in the usual way, he accidentally said "aab-stock-a-leez". Immediately, he pictured a villainous character who works to steal people's dreams and prevent them from achieving success. Chris quickly erased the word, and, acting on impulse, quickly sketched the now famous spiky-headed character, mask and all. And just like that, a star was born!


Obstacles has since found his way into books (Rascal), coloring books, stuffed dolls, onto tee shirts, and the bobble head mentioned above. His face pops up in all sorts of materials produced by LIFE Leadership, and he remains a crowd favorite. His popularity is probably rooted in the fact that it is tremendously helpful for people to put a comical face on their fears.


Introducing Rascal:


Rascal is the precocious character that represents the dreamer and striver in each of us. He is the part of us that doesn't fit in, that refuses to follow the crowd, that stands for justice and what's right, no matter the cost. Rascal, too, has become wildly popular, and can often be found at leadership conventions in standup cardboard form, waiting to pose for photos that will remind people of the fighter they have inside. Rascal is the embodiment of the sentiment that we make the biggest difference in the world when we are true to our original selves.


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I think it should be "circle our ducks" and "get our wagons in a row".
Handling success is a lot like handling explosives - one false move and you could blow it.
Freedom is one of the only privileges that falls victim to the scorn of those who have too long or easily enjoyed it.
Fear God, not the future.
Excellence demands thinking clearly with a disciplined mind.
Emergency Room: A place where "Watch this!" turns into "Look at this."
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Don't measure success by what others haven't done. Strive for your personal best no matter what the score against an opponent.
Do we pick our passions or do they pick us?