20 Years From Now, What Will You Wish You Had Done Today?

The world seems to be full of conflicting advice about how we are to live out our lives. One camp tells us to get a good, secure occupation so we will be able to pay our bills and not have to worry about finances. The other tells us to follow our dreams and do what we love, and the money will follow. Both lines of thought, however, are faulty and can lead to wasted time, pain, a lack of fulfillment, and unhappiness. How many people are “successfully” employed in a pragmatic occupation, paying the bills just fine, but yet hate what they do? On the other hand, how many people have found that the path of chasing their dreams and attempting to “do what they love” is a fool’s errand that leaves them broke, and even worse, broken?


The answer to resolving this conflict of well-intentioned but incorrect advice is a shockingly simple shift in thinking. Using simple diagrams and unforgettable analogies, PAiLS will provide a clear path through the maze of life’s complicated options. Whether you are young and just starting out, middle-aged and committed to making a life change, or a bit older and looking to put the polishing touches on your life’s legacy, this book will provide solid, practical steps for achieving all you’ve ever imagined and more. Funny, pleasingly irreverent, and immediately useful, PAiLS also packs a profoundly deep wallop of introspective thought.


You will never think of your life in the same way again.





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What do you think are the keys to happiness?
Be true to that calling; be about what you're about; ask yourself often what you are meant to be and do. Then do it without apology.
Life is hard...but life is also wonderful.
Are you living life or is life living you?
Always carry a salt shaker; the time is surely coming when you'll have to eat some crow.
A leader's responsibility is to be one working model of a life well lived.
Your short term desires are the enemies of your long-term dreams.
You must learn to handle more if you want to accomplish more. I don't mean being busy, I mean the size of the load.
You can't get anywhere unless you start.
Yesterday's luxury is today's necessity.