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This is an excerpt from my next book, being crafted with love and blood even as you read this!

There is an old story about a fisherman who believes he has died and gone to Heaven as he catches one perfect 2 lb trout after another.  As he sets his fly and hooks into yet one more, he can’t fathom his good fortune.  The sky is blue, the weather ideal, the fish biting like he’s never before experienced, and everything is absolutely perfect. Read More...

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@MarkZweig is the CT6 on the same platform as the CTSs? I don't think so. Sheesh
I've decided who I'm voting for: the first candidate to propose outlawing leaf blowers. #Election2016 #hillaryclinton #trump
You can learn a lot about a man by looking through his library.
You believe your results into being.
Working smart is actually harder than working hard because it requires thought, which is the hardest work there is.
Without a compelling vision a leader has less of a chance for success than a chinless man changing a pillow case.
Winners play hurt.
When they criticize, they only emphasize their lack of size.
When it comes to effective communication, remember that stories are the language of the imagination.
Why is it that people who don't have much to say seem to take the longest to say it?